TAOS Detects Afterglow to GRB 090424

Apr 24, 2009

Three 50cm TAOS telescopes, located at Lulin observatory, Taiwan, started to observe GRB 090424 field (Cannizzo et al.; GCN 9223) at 94s after the trigger. The optical afterglow (Yuan et al., GCN 9224; Xin et al. GCN 9225) was clearly detected in images taken by TAOSA (25s exposure), TAOSB (5s exposure), and TAOSD (1s exposure). Brightness of the afterglow was about R~13.08 at 94s post the burst. Our R-band magnitudes were calibrated with USNOB red stars.

Image from telescope TAOS B.

Lightcurve from telescope TAOS B.